Public Projects Need Best Possible Project Engineering

When you decide to have any work done anywhere, be it your own home property, office building, publicly subscribed project, the ony really good way to ensure the job gets done satisfactorily, is to engage a really professional design and build team.  There are some are absolute cowboys and this has to be avoided at all costs.  Obviously when it’s for the public, then many different factors come into play, such as getting the funding approved and in place;  then the matter of putting the job out to tender i.e. prepring the specification for the job in the most minute detail, to include absolutely everything on the final wishlist.  There can be no margin for error because from the minute you invite tenders, your costs begin.  Engaging the company with the best project engineer is the best possible advice.  Your relationship with the PM is critical to ensure the project is delivered on spec, on time and definitely as much within budget as is possible!