Knowing The Project Team Can Get Helpful Favours

My only brush with developers and building teams has involved my current house but we bought it via the site sales office after it was already at first footings.  That’s the stage with layout marked out the first few layers of brickwork completed and the all important damp proof course installed at the legal height.   We were able to select our colour choices for sanitary ware and the finish to the kitchen cabinets and all the flooring.  Mosty cosmetic stuff.  We happily left the actual building to the developers and had the advantage of an identical house having been completed just next to the showroom.  We were able to see down to the minutest deail, how our own house would look with this setting, or that.    What we didn’t know at all during the build stage, and I seriously regret this, that we could have spoken to the project manager and had our loft space boarded throughout and a loft ladder and light installed – our canny neighbour did know this and cheerfully warbled on about it for some time!