Find Your Perfect Building Plot

Many people spend ages, sometimes even years finding the ideal building plot for their project. This is especially relevant if you are particular about things such as the size, or the amount of work you are happy to take on!

Here are some top ways to find the perfect plot for you:

Choose your area

Many builders try searching over a much too large area. Narrow down your search to a more specific area, but don’t be surprised if you find this part the hardest bit! It is much better to choose a specific area and then go over it with a fine toothed comb.


Drive, or even better, walk round your chosen area looking for potential sites. These could be infill, side gardens or unused garage blocks – all will have potential.

Talk to people.

Don’t be afraid to knock on doors, or even write letters to people in your chosen area explaining your situation. Many people might not even realise they are sitting on a potential source of income.